FSRU Asia Summit 2019 Brochure

FSRU Asia Summit 2019 Brochure

While the spotlight has mainly been on emerging economies over the past 3 years, the presence of political instability and low credit ratings in these countries means that the focus has shifted to mature gas economies with necessary supporting infrastructure, long-term projects and even gas-to-power projects in place.

Back in its 4th year, the FSRU Asia Summit will bring together all industry players along the entire FSRU value chain to focus on maximising FSRU opportunities in emerging and mature gas markets. These industry leaders are also actively looking for solutions to keep their FSRU project feasible and practical. 

Bringing together more than 100 participants in one platform including FSRU project owners, EPCs, shipyards, ship owners, traders and bankers, this is the only dedicated event focusing on FSRU developments in Asia.

Download the brochure to find out how you can be part of the FSRU value-chain.  

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