20 - 21 June, 2018
Equarius Hotel, Singapore

Pre-Conference Workshops – Tuesday, 19 June 2018

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Important Steps and Considerations to Execute an FSRU Project Successfully, On-Time and Within Budget

Getting an FSRU project operational involves many crucialdecision-making processes. From the selection of importantsystem components, budgeting, shipyard selection, EPCsto sourcing for LNG, these steps often determine howsuccessful an FSRU project is and whether they can becompleted within the given timeframe and whether it willoverrun the project’s budget. This workshop aims to helpindustry professionals to:
  • Identify some of the most important considerations when executing an FSRU project
  • Develop an effective project development timeline to prevent project overrun
  • Learn about the successful execution of FSRU projects and understand what and why some key decisions were made

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm An A-Z Guide to FSRU Pre-Feasibility Studies and Value Engineering

It is easy to get the market excited about FSRU projects – however, many projects remain stuck at the FID stage. Most of this delay stems from the lack of proper planning at the beginning. In order to make the economics work, companies need to now look at developing robust Pre-FEED/FEED frameworks at the early design phases to minimise any room for errors along the way. This comprehensive workshop will demystify the concept of value engineering and provide you with practical point-by-point strategies on adopting your own value engineering framework.
  • Understand what value engineering means in the FSRU market  
  • Showcase the value of concerted engineering and proper planning at the start
  • Demonstrate real-world examples of how value engineering reduced project delays and additional costs
  • Setting clear parameters and guidelines to ensure that value engineering is set for success