20 - 21 June 2018
Equarius Hotel, Singapore

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FSRU Asia Summit 2017 Brochure

Download event brochure, to find out most important issues regarding the FSRU market to be addressing in Asia, including technology, associated infrastructure, transportation and vessel availability. We will also analyze frontier FSRU markets such as Thailand, Philippines and Myanmar and emerging FSRU markets in the region.


The Essential Steps to FSRU Project Success

With the current low LNG price, there has never been a better time to begin an FSRU project. However for stakeholders with little or no experience in the sector, it is essential to invest sufficient time and resources into project planning. To learn about the best practices in FSRU project management, we speak with Stephen Thompson, Manager for LNG and natural gas consulting at Poten & Partners.

Rise of the FSRU and the LNG Market Outlook

The number of FSRUs in operation around the world is rapidly growing, despite low LNG prices over the past two years. With new vessel owners entering the market, as well as a growing number of LNG receiving terminals being constructed around the world, the future is looking bright. Download this ebook to examine the latest market trends and exclusive analysis outlining the number of upcoming FSRU orders over the next five years.

The Global FSRU Map - 2016 and Beyond

The number of FSRUs in operation around the world is rapidly growing, despite low the LNG prices over the past two years. Download this interactive map to discover the range of FSRUs currently in operation around the world, as well as all the upcoming orders over the next five years.


FSRU market opportunities and requirements in Indonesia

  • Overview of the proposed FSRU projects in PT PLN Persero: project characteristics, timeline and capacity
  • Comprehensive overview on the challenges for diversifying the energy supply in the Indonesia
  • Key criterias that stakeholders should take into consideration when operating in the Indonesian region
  • Examining the operational stages of the project, potential contractual obligation and methods to overcome them

FSRUs in South Asia: Fad or A Practical Solution?

This article takes a closer look at why the Indian sub-continent is currently a favourable destination for LNG imports and also examines where FSRUs fit in the entire LNG value-chain in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan

FSRU's - The Great Gas Game Changer

In the last year or so there has been an upsurge in floating terminal proposals, particularly in Africa, Indonesia, India and Pakistan. There are now 25 floating terminals in operation with another 60 proposals at various stages of development, from early concept to implementation. Of these, 45 expect to be operating by 2020 and 12 of these projects have already chartered an FSRU. Download this presentation “FSRU’s – THE GREAT GAS GAME CHANGER” from Datafusion Associates at to find out which projects are likely to go ahead, which are likely to remain speculative and where are these projects likely to be located.


Who is next in Asia to join the Bandwagon

The growth of the Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU) industry has been phenomenal, and what was intended to be a specialist niche LNG solution is now mainstream solution for potential new regasification terminals globally. Download the whitepaper to find out who is joining the race in the FSRU growth

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In conjunction with Wood Mackenzie, Oil and Gas IQ has created an infographic containing data on annual LNG imports by FSRU terminals globally from 2012 till February 2017. It includes data on existing importers such as Brazil and Argentina and Kuwait, and also on relatively new importers such as Egypt and Pakistan. The infographic also includes data on FSRU fleet size since 2004, including news builds and those that were converted. Click here to receive a free copy of the infographic.


FSRU Asia Summit 2017 Brochure S

Download event brochure to know more about FSRU Asia Summit 2017!